Detailed instructions on how to breed and care for Poodle dogs

Poodle is a very smart dog, fast learning and easy to train. However, they are also easy to learn from bad habits. So, if you just bought a poodle, you need to pay special attention to training to teach them how to behave well, know how to obey and especially go "wrong" in the right place.

Many people often skip training, resulting in a time when they live in the pampering of their owners, these poodle are obedient, barking day and night, go around the house and even bite the owner . You will definitely not want to be in this situation!

Hướng dẫn cách nuôi chó Poodle. Kinh nghiệm chăm sóc chó Poodle
1. Dog Food Poodle
You can make your own fresh food, or use dry or wet foods specifically for Poodle. Fresh foods take a long time to process, and more importantly, it is difficult to ensure proper nutrition because the dog's digestive system is very different from that of a human.

Instead, use large brands of ready-to-eat foods, exclusively for Poodle (and small dogs). These foods are processed to suit the taste and balanced nutrition of Poodle dogs. All also have feeding instructions for different ages.
2. Control Poodle's Weight
Poodle will gain weight quickly if you feed them too much. A stout poodle may look cute, but it can also cause serious health problems, such as limiting exercise, blood fat and heart disease. Eating right meals is the best way to "keep in shape" for your poodle. Don't feed them as soon as they ask, which will make the dog more difficult in the long run.

Always keep your poodle in good shape by measuring the amount of food daily, feeding 2 times / day set better than leaving food throughout the day. If you're not sure if your puppy is overweight, you can perform the following simple test:

First, look down at the dog's back, you will see a waistline. Place 2 hands on your back in the waist area, thumbs along the spine, the other fingers hold down and press gently. If you can feel the ribs, your poodle is completely normal. If she's not overweight, you'll need to feed less and exercise more. If you can feel the ribs as soon as you put your hand without pressing, this poodle is thin and you need to feed more (a little).

3. Exercising For Poodle
The poodle generally likes exercise and play, so you should take your poodle regularly for a walk, preferably every afternoon. The park is a good place to stroll. You should also buy a rubber ball or bone and throw - catch with poodle, this is not only entertaining, it is also a way to train your health and increase bond with the owner.

* A very important note: always keep an eye on your poodle when you go to the gym, away from large and aggressive dogs, especially pit bulls, because they can attack and bite dead dogs As small as poodle. This doesn't happen often, but be careful never to be superfluous.

Instructions on how to raise dogs Poodle. Poodle dog care experience
II. Essential Supplies For Poodle Dogs
1. Cage or Cages
There are many types of pens for Poodle. The best choice is powder coated iron cages, this cage is breathable so it does not get wet and causes an unpleasant odor. There are also plastic cages, but these are more secretive and are usually only used to transport babies away.

2. Conductor
This is a must-have. Use a pet type or belt. Avoid the type of conductor wrapped around the neck that can easily damage the neck hair. If not noticed too tight can cause suffocation for babies.

3. Eating bowl
You can make use of all kinds of bowls indoors. But use a wide base to avoid spillage. Bowls should be made of plastic or metal. Avoid using glass or crockery bowls, when your naughty baby can break. Sharp debris can injure the baby. There have been many cases of dogs being badly injured by breaking a porcelain bowl.

4. Hygiene and grooming products
On how to clean and groom the dog Poodle, you can refer to the detailed article
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