Discover unbelievably strange creatures in the Antarctic sea

Antarctica is an area with extremely wild landscapes and this is an ideal condition for scientists to study the history of the Earth and the impact of climate change. A team of researchers recently discovered many strange sea creatures when diving deep in cold ice

Discovering unprecedented creatures from the Antarctic sea - 1
Two of the bizarre creatures were discovered
The Express on August 17 reported that the expedition recorded the entire journey through the waters surrounding Antarctica to discover some of the most bizarre marine life that humanity has ever known.
Andrew Stewart, a leading scientist in the expedition, was amazed to see strange creatures.
"I went to Antarctica to see things like this. We found a whole bunch of weird sea fish that never appeared anywhere in the world. They are interesting species, like to live in low temperatures. Just 5 degrees Celsius was too hot for them, "Stewart said.
Discovering unprecedented bizarre creatures under the sea of ​​Antarctica - 2
Strange creatures have evolved over millions of years
The scientist also discovered a new species that has evolved over millions of years.
"I have to look at features like the shape of teeth, jaws, bearing and counting vertebrae to determine which species this fish belongs to. But after watching it, I don't see it as any creature. In the world, especially the colors on the surface, I have never seen anything like that, "said Dr. Stewart.
Scientists in the expedition team also discovered wood 4 million years, helping them understand the Antarctic past.
David Harwood, a scientist in the expedition team, said this is a piece of oak tree.
"This piece of wood has not been petrified after millions of years. It can even be burned," said Harwood

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