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Dead wildlife is paralyzed due to flooding in Indian parks

Updated: 18 Aug, 2019 lúc August 18, 2019

Prolonged heavy rains caused serious flooding of Kaziranga National Park, taking away the lives of many wildlife.

Many wildlife are still trapped in the water in Kaziranga.  Photo: Mongabay.
Many wildlife are still trapped in the water in Kaziranga. Photo: Mongabay. 
More than 200 wild animals, including 17 endangered one-horn rhinos, died of severe flooding in Kaziranga, one of India's famous national parks, officials on 24/24 7 said. An estimated 40% of the park area has been submerged in water after 10 days of torrential rain in Assam state.
P. Sivakumar Park director said at least 205 bodies of wild animals were found. Besides 17 single-horned rhinos, there is an Indian elephant, 112 golden deer, 12 deer, 7 swamp deer, 2 water buffaloes, 18 wild boars and 3 porcupines. The number of dead animals may increase as the water recedes.
Rangers and volunteers are working hard to rescue trapped animals. Some rhinos, elephants and even tigers have been seen in quarries to avoid flooding. This is rare because wild animals rarely appear in areas with human presence.
Kaziranga is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO in 1985. It is the national park with the largest number of one-horn rhinos and the highest density of tigers in the world. The park was founded on June 1, 1905, with a total area of ​​430 km2.
Doan Duong  (According to AFP )