Calculating the depth of mud pit, 7 dwarf elephants died of carpet

The elephants dragged into the mud bath, unaware that it was their last bath.

Miscalculation of mud pit depth, 7 dwarf dead elephants - 1
7 dwarf elephants died and only 2 were rescued.
The Rangers discovered the incident near Tawau town on Borneo island, Malaysia after being informed by visitors. Accordingly, 7 dwarf elephants in need of emergency protection are trapped in mud holes in deep forests.
A total of 9 dwarf elephants were trapped under the hole, but the park rangers only saved 2 elephants. The remaining 7 dwarf elephants died due to being stuck under the pit for too long. They were hungry and dehydrated after 7 days of hardship. Authorities said five elephants died before the rescue team arrived and two others were killed on the emergency.
Calculating the depth of mud pit, 7 dwarf elephants die - 2
This is the most serious case from 2013 onwards.
Augustine Tuuga, director of the Sabah Wildlife Department, said: "When we approached the scene, there were a total of 5 elephants including 2 grown children, 2 newborns and 1 missed child. They were caught in the mud pit a week earlier. ”
“The remaining two elephants are too weak and dehydrated. We can't do anything more, ”Tuuga said. Tuuga said the elephants probably went into the mud bath and could not climb.
"They calculated the depth of the mud pit and were stuck under it," Tuuga surmised. 7 elephants died at the same time is considered an insignificant loss with the current number of 1,500 dwarf elephants in Malaysia.
Previously there were 14 poisoned elephants. The incident of these 7 dwarf elephants is the most serious case in Sabah area.
"People need to wake up and protect this animal before it's too late," said Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, politician and elephant protection activist. "Don't let similar tragedies happen because of human indifference and indifference."

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