Bitnami Launchpad For VMware Brings One-Click Deployment To vCloud Air

Bitnami and VMware have announced the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air. Bitnami Launchpad is designed to make it easy for developers and system administrators to deploy application and development stacks by providing an easy to use GUI and a library of over 100 pre-configured applications.
“We are excited to be working with Bitnami to bring one-click application and developer stacks deployment to vCloud Air OnDemand,” said Michael Cincinatus, senior director, Product Management, Cloud Services, VMware. “With the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air, users can begin running their applications in a hybrid cloud that is fully compatible with their on-premises infrastructure in almost no time.”
Bitnami applications and stacks include over 100 of the most in-demand open source development environments such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. All Bitnami stacks are pre-configured and optimized to allow IT organizations to extend their infrastructure to the public cloud. Bitnami customers can save time and effort that would ordinarily be spent configuring application and development environments.
Deploying applications using the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air is done by selecting an app using the GUI, choosing from configuration options such as server size and region, and clicking “launch.” Bitnami provides access to its library of applications at no cost; users only pay for the vCloud Air resources that they use to run the app. Apps can be launched for public or private use.
All Bitnami applications are self-contained and include all libraries, databases and language runtimes required to run on vCloud Air OnDemand on any platform. Bitnami quickly provides updates when vulnerabilities or security issues are discovered. New software releases are tracked automatically and provided as soon as available, so Bitnami apps and stacks are always up-to-date and production ready.
The Bitnami library of applications are available to vCloud Air users here.
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